Kap Update 1.2 - 04.12.2012
1. fixed no monocular bug in bonus gameplay
2. academy levels: added a map of the school yard
3. fixed one shimmy ledge, where Lara refused to climb in Merlin's caves
4. one camera adjusted in the Merlin's cave
5. fixed no text bug in Crypt level after picking, up a sword
6. maybe also a fix for blue fog screen bug in Crypt level, after using both Overflowing energy crystals, but we couldn't test it as the bug wasn't present on our graphic cards
7. the trapdoor in the Topaz level is now more visible
8. fixed no crowbar bug in secret hunt mode
9. castle evening bonus gameplay - locked in the church fixed - now you can use napalm 2 magic to break the tiles
10. tower guardian bonus gameplay - napalm magic will hurt the rose

*this script is compatible with level updates from 21.11. and 24.11. that you can get here:
Crypt savegames are not compatible with old CryptA level from 11.11.2012
Dedalus savegames might crash with old file deda.tr4 level from 30.10.2012
Merlin's cave savegames might crash with old file MerV.tr4 level from 29.10.2012