King Arthur Project game is available in 8 different languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. By default it is in English. If you want to play in a different language, please delete ENGLISH.dat from the main folder and copy the preferred language from LANGUAGES folder.
Game screen explanation:

Quick keys:
F1 - Hints (use if stuck, you'll get a hint or solution for a puzzle if it is available)
F2 - All secrets cleared icon (it only shows if you got all the secrets in one level, when you find all the secrets in one level, it will show automatically for a few seconds)
F3 - screenshot
F4 - used for some extra options, it is noticed in the game when it is available
F5 - quick save
F6 - quick load
F10 - load the last automatic savegame

Some keys from F1-F4 and F7-F12 might be used also for some other actions, if they are, it will be noticed in the upper right corner of the game.

Lara's moves:
They are all explained in the tutorial in the first level. Find the tutorial room right at the start and follow the instructions there. New moves are also explained there. In tutorial room you will be also introduced to all kind of tricks that you can use to play through the level. You ever wondered how you can do some jumps or moves? A lot of them are explained in this room. Still some not known to me can be missing. But if you'll go through this tutorial, you should be able to finish the levels.

When there is something new in the level almost always there is a tutorial that pops up on the screen.

Number of the secrets in each level is written under the compass.

For Lara controls or using vehicles, you can check a great explanation at:

Sometimes you need some important ammo. In that case it will be unlimited at the places shown on the picture below.